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Orange County Speaker 12141 Mariners Way Garden Grove CA 92843

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speaker repair since 1968

Americas leader in speaker repair

The following are just a few samples of Orange County Speaker's customers' comments taken from Emails and customer surveys. Please feel free to send us Email with any of your own suggestions or comments at comments@SpeakerRepair.com. We always appreciate any customer feedback we receive!

"Thank you for the 8" woofers they work great! Now I can ROCK in my shop!"
- George Liakos, California

"Very timely, reliable, good prices. Highly recommended to others."
- Chris Davis, California

"Excellent communication, excellent service..... Many thanks!"
- Phil Yandle, North Carolina

"Always Great and friendly-answers to all questions -thank you!"
- RJ Timmerman, New England

"Excellent deal!! Speakers sound great!! Fast shipping!!"
- Zachary Brown, New York

"Excellent product, EASY install, saved me big $$$ on my Baby Advents! Thanks!!"
- Dennis Casey, Iowa

"Great service and good product support"
- Sheila Harris, Missouri

"AV system is great. Quick response and delivery."
- Bill Pester, California

"Great product and price, Very reputable company, fast and secure shipping, A++"
- Majic Garnet, New York

"I was very happy with the quick email response confirming my order."
- Rayond Jones, Virginia

"Hi, I've just finished refurbishing my old Infinity Column II using surrounds and help from your company. The result is amazing and I want to thank you! Regards,"
- Lars Lomell, New York

"I got an email response to some questions about the repair and pricing within 24 hours, which prompted me to send my four woofers for re-edging. After seeing the completed work I was very pleasantly surprised and it saved me a lot of money."
- Eric Schwartz, California

"I just had to let you know that I picked up my speakers yesterday, and after reinstalling them, I was knocked out by how great they sounded! I am very pleased with your work and would recommend you to anyone needing your type of service. Thank you once again for a fantastic job!"
- David Wygal, California

"I was a little apprehensive about handing over "vintage" speakers to just "anyone" for fear of a potential "hack job". But the people at OCS made me feel far MORE than just comfortable in their level of expertise. When I got them back and reinstalled them, I was delighted to find they were EASILY as good as (if not BETTER than) NEW! Thanks for being the absolute KING of speaker repair!!"
- Steve Wandtke, Texas

"I was very pleased with the re-edge kit I ordered for my KLH model 60s. I bought the speakers for $10 at Goodwill. So now I have spent $44.95 including shipping and I can't believe how good they sound in my guest room. As I was deciding whether to re-edge or replace the drivers, I had many questions. You guys answered them all in detail. You were very patient, and for the first time re-edger, that is crucial."
- Rocky L Rinker, Florida

"Thank you for your prompt and professional repair of my 15-inch Marantz woofers. I sent them on Monday, April 22, got a call from yu the next day for authorization, and received the repaired speakers Friday, April 26! This is great service and I will recommend your company to any of my friends who need your services. Thank you."
- William T. Yates, California

"I received the woofer today, installed it and everything works great. I would like to thank you for your help and patience with all of my questions. Tell your repair associates that I appreciate the great job they did. If this were Ebay I would be posting positive feedback. Thanks again!!"
- Guy Stevenson, Michigan

"Yesterday I picked up a pair of kappa 7 speakers on which you refoamed the woofers and put new fabric on the covers. I wanted to thank you for the outstanding workmanship on the speakers and for all of the great assistance from your personnel. From Eric with my original inquires to the lady who gave such good directions to your facility, everyone was a real pleasure to deal
with. Sincerely,"
- Mark Dill, Nevada

"I didn't realize how much the sound quality on my RSL speakers had deteriorated until I had the foam surrounds replaced by Orange County Speaker Repair. They now sound as good as new (maybe better). Before having them repaired I had considered buying some new speakers, and
had auditioned several different brands. None of them sounded as good as these do now. This is like getting a new set at about 10% of the cost of these when I bought them 13 years ago!! Thanks for a great job!!"
- Ken Christinson, California

"I brought my resurrected Advent woofers (circa 1983) home from your shop, screwed them back into the solid wood boxes and hooked 'em up. I really was not prepared for how nice and sweet the sound was. After moving around the dial and listening to a little bit of everything, I came away understanding exactly why it was that your customer service person, who upon my initial inquiry told me, 'I can't sell you a pair nicer than those Advents, bring them in for repair.' I'd advise everybody with classic old woofers to bring them into your shop. A ton of sound for the money."
- Dan Jensen, California

"I purchased a pair of old speakers at a garage sale for $5 (GTE Sylvania 3-ways). When I hooked them up, I noticed the foam around the 12" woofers was falling apart. So I went to Radio Shack to replace the bad woofers. When installed they didn't have the same sound luster. Disappointed with the results of my so called "solution", I began searching the internet for possible repairs. After finding Orange County Speaker on the 'net I began reading the information about speaker technology and the re-edge solution. I purchased the re-edge kit and found the process was very easy while following the step by step instructions provided. The speakers sound unbelievable!!! It's incredible, the old speakers have a greater frequency range than the newer pairs of speakers that I own. Purchasing a re-edge kit and dealing with Orange County Speaker was the best tune I've ever played. Because of the level of professionalism displayed on all levels of the business transaction, I recommend you to all my friends."
- Mark Elliot, New York

"Hello, I recently purchased a pair of your 8 inch surrounds for an old pair of Bose #31 bookshelf speakers and of last weekend I installed them. Now I can listen to them like when I first purchased the speakers. And they sound GREAT!! I was surpised how easy it was to remove the old and install the NEW surrounds!Thanks Again!!"
- Steve Barnes Odessa,TX

"Hi, I recently received my 1975 era Advent/2 woofers back from being re-edged. WOW, they sound like new, way better than other speakers I substituted for them when foam surrounds gave out a few months ago. Your service is the best ! Best regards,"
- Rick Zentmeyer, Hershey, PA

My D7 woofers arrived today just as you said they would. I'm now listening to them and having a hard time typing this as the keyboard is hopping around the desk. They look great and sound even better, I'm especially surprised that the dust covers were replaced so that the Cerwin Vega logo is in the correct position (nice attention to detail). Thank you for your prompt attention and excellent work. My brother has the same speakers with the same problem and will be sending his to you for re-edging within a week. Again, thanks for the great job and getting them back to me so fast. Sincerely,"
- Bret Johnson. Fresno, CA

"Whassup All!!! Guess what man???.....i owe it to you all.....my 809a's are tight as ever and sound as good as new.....now i can repair my jbl 4344 Monitors...and your kits are great!!!!....i will recommend it to all my friends out in the industry......couldnt be any easier than this.....thanks again and you will be hearing from me.....thanks"
- Percy Sanchez, Waipahu, HI

"My name is Paul Hamilton, I brought my sad looking Infinity Reference 2's in a couple of weeks ago, cone rot to the max. I've hauled them around with me up and down California wanting to have them repaired, they aren't really high end speakers ($300/pair new) but Infinity made some nice stuff in the 80's and I couldn't part with them. $100 later they sound like the day I got them, an absolute steal. Thank you so much and for the quick turn around. Please feel free to use me as a testimonial."
- Paul Hamilton, Lake Forest, CA

"I received my 15 inch Cerwin Vega speaker you reconed back today. Could not wait to get it back in. Installed it and cranked up 250 watts of Godsmack. Great job ! Thank you ,"
- Larry Cooper, Brooksville , FL

"Greetings, I recently had 2 of my infinity speakers repaired by you and wanted to let you know I am very Happy! Thank you for restoring my sound!"
- Barney Marron, Fontana, CA

"Dear speakerrepair.com, I just wanted you to know that when I stripped down your 12 gauge speaker wire to add a speakon connector to it, I also did the same to some Pro Co 12 gauge that I had lying there. The outside Diameter was the same. After getting to the bare copper wire I noticed that yours was alot bigger in diameter than the Pro Co. Theirs was more like maybe 14. Guess I don't have to tell you where I get my cables from. Also before buying mic cables from you, I bought 6 from UcanSave on ebay and every one of them was sloppy and noisy every time that you even thought about touching them. A real nitemare with condensor mics. Thanks for selling great products at great prices. You are welcome to quote me."
- Mike St John, Eagle Point, OR

"I Received my re-edged INFINITY 4" Speakers! What a difference they sound now that you have re-edged them. My wife agrees; they sound better that when new. I am tickled to find your fine company. I will be back for something more from you fine people. Thanks for the fine job.
- W. L. Paul, Jr., Tucson, AZ

"RE: Allison speaker re-foam. I received my speakers back and just wanted to compliment you on a job well done; they look and sound great and your packaging was top notch. I will definitely use you again, and will recommend OCS to my audiophile friends.
- Christopher Osterholt, Oakland, CA

"Hello, Just wanted to drop you a note that I had purchased a new surround kit from you a couple of months ago and I have finally started to repair my 901 series IV. I found that you have supplied me with a quality product and that your support people are extremely courteous and helpful. I can say that now I am experienced at replacing the surrounds on speaker elements. I also must say that it is very time consuming but the rewards are worth it! Thank you for a quality product and installation manual!
- William Boehly, Rochester, NY

"Just received my Infinity Reference Four woofer back from a re-edge. It sounds great. Thanks for saving me a $1000. Thats how much I was considering on spending on a new pair. Tell your tech(s) thank you."
- Albert Sbarro, Trenton,NJ

"THANK YOU! Today I received my woofer pair for the JBL 4401 studio monitors.Your re-edge work was aesthetically neat and professional. Once back in their cabinets, these monitors sounded flawless. Excellent work on your behalf.
Thank you for your much needed service!"
- Denis Pinto, San Francisco, CA

"Hi. I bought a Bose 901 lifetime kit from you I was a bit reluctant to do this as I thought it would be harder then you stated but after receiving it and getting into the repair of it I found it was a SNAP!!! and my 901's have NEVER sounded better!!!!! Thanks for a great product and service!"
- Doug Beary, Castle Rock, CO

"Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your kit worked fabulously on my Vegas! I gave them the Led Zeppelin test this afternoon and they sound as good as they ever have. Thank you for providing a product that saved my speakers, and perhaps will give me another 23 years. What would a 66 year old rock fan listen to anyway? Thanks again!"
- Alan Clark, Park City, UT

"Thank you very much for the "recone" work. My 12" M&K is better than new -- cranking out very nice bass one again. Orange County Speaker Repair is wonderful! I will recommend to my friends and associates. Thank you very much!!!"
- David Commerford - Richmond, CA

"Hello, I just wanted to write And Thank The People at Orange County Speaker (Bryan). Just had to send in my Infinity Kappa 9 Crossover's and had Bryan And the other Tech's go completely through them. Orange County Was Very Fast And Cost Effective For the Repairs. I had Question's And they had Answers I was kept Informed the whole time. Great Job, Thanks! ONCE AGAIN MANY THANKS OC!"
- Tom Shipp, Oskaloosa, IA

"Hey, it's James Howard here. I received the Infinity RS-5 Tweeter Replacements today. I hooked
them up, and they worked like a champ. Thanks for your great service. I will keep
you in mind if I ever need anything for my speakers again."
- James Howard II, Tacoma, WA

"The speakers arrived today (I wasn't here for attempted delivery yesterday). They look good! I'd recommend your company to anyone."
- Kimball Sargeant, Davis, CA

"Just to let you know that my repaired M&K subwoofer driver arrived yesterday. It
looks like new and sounds terrific! Thanks!"
- Mark Urban-Lurain, Mason, MI

"To The Great Folks At Orange County Speaker. I just had to write and let you know how pleased I am with my “NEW” Bose 901’s! I bought these Series V’s in 1984 and they have given me a lot of musical pleasure over the years and I do like to turn them up once in a while. Over the past couple of months, though, I noticed a fluttering noise in one of them. On closer examination, and to my absolute horror, I saw a hole in one of the foam surrounds, and in another, the cone had totally separated from the surround! What were my options? I called the local Bose dealer and he quoted me $850.00 (U.S.) to replace all 18 drivers. And that was just for the drivers, no labor. Bose in Toronto had a better deal. Trade my Series V’s in on Series VI’s for about $750.00. Neither option appealed to me financially. But what could I do? Surf the ‘Net, that’s what. When I discovered that Orange County Speaker had a kit to replaced the aging (and very weak) surrounds for $40.00, I jumped on it. The kit arrived three days later (after having to clear customs into Canada) and, with less than a half-hour of careful labor per driver following the instructions OCS provided, I now have my 901’s back with all of the dynamic sound I remembered! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Garry Hennan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks for the repair job! I recently brought a blown tweeter horn to your shop for repair. This tweeter was part of a PA speaker system at the high school that I am a music director at. Your prompt and high quality service was a blessing because we needed our speakers for our fall drama production a week later. It took only 20 minutes to recone the blown tweeter. Thanks again!
- Victor A. Wheeler, Lakewood, CA

"RE: 901 speaker re-edge: Thanks for your help and quick response. I re-edged my 901 speakers with your cloth kit and now they sound like new. you saved me a pile of money!"
- Manny Rower, Florence, CO

"I appreciate your quick response in sending my JBL 2416H third party diaphragms. I am loading out today for a 5 day jazz festival and now have a brand new diaphragms in my main monitors thanks to you. Boy, talk about luck. A company with the right product at the right price at just the right time. I will be keeping your site on my favorites and we will be doing business again in the future. Again, thank you guys."
- Roger W. Norman, Silver Springs, MD

"Your re-edge kit is excellent, thank you. I just finished repairing my 15 year old Infinity Kappa 7's and they sound like new. The kit is simple, straightforward, and worked great. Thank you,"
- Alan M Buckwalter, Glen Rock, NJ

"Dear O.C. Staff, I just fired up some JBLs that had been sitting in my closet for 2 years. I had replaced them with some new Infinity towers that just don't have that fat JBL mid-range. Needless to say I'm very happy, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I placed my order with a very nice lady for a re-edge kit on a Friday and the kit arrived on Monday, two days later and I'm back in business. Great service, Great value, Great product. Thanks, I'll be sure to recommend you to friends in need and I may be calling regarding a pair of dormant old Advents."
- Tim Richmond, Chicago, IL

"Thanks!! Guys, just wanted to thank you for doing a great job. I picked up my speaker parts yesterday, installed them, and turned on the music. What a difference. Souds Awesome! Thanks for your prompt and professional service. I really appreciate it.
- John R Sieckhaus, Hermosa Beach, CA

"Just finished re-eding my speakers with your cloth kit. What a nice job. Thanks!"
Howard Baker, Corland, OH

"I just got my speakers back from you guys in the mail today. I just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job. It's amazing to actually hear quality sound again! I actually found you guys by simply searching the web. You had a great site with a lot of helpful information.... Anyway, thanks again. Tell the person who worked on my speakers that he or she did a kick-ass job! Keep up the good work!
James J. Porr, Riverdale, NY

"The speakers were delivered last Friday and I installed them the same day. They work better than ever. Thanks for your help.
- John Laure, Dallas, TX

"I received the refoam kit that I ordered from you and was really pleased with the quality. I cant believe I finally got something and everything was there like was advertised. The kit had everything that I needed to completely refoam my speakers, and what really impressed me was the fact of the amount of money I saved by doing this. I got the refoam kit installed in my speakers and they are performing like they did when new....and the speakers are about 10 years old. Just wanted to send, this along with my thank you for the fantastic service."
- M. Barnwell, Jacksonville, FL

"Wow, Great product/service you guys provide. I just re-edged my beautiful Infinity SM120's. I had gone over two years with listening to junk because I had left my speakers in storage during the summer and the woofs were eaten up. They now sound like they did when I first bought them! THANK YOU ORANGE COUNTY!!!!!"
- Scott St. Onge, Corpus Christi, TX

"OSC folks, Thanks for the great quality and support. It didn't look easy to repair my own speaker, but you made it so. My hat is off to the professional team at Orange County Speaker. Now back to some good music."
- Juan Riquelme, Mountain Home, ID

"I picked up my JBL 18" today for my JBL MR-938 cabinet, put it in and powered it on. Thanks for the new crisp rich (and loud) sound that the cabinet is known for."
- Duane Miller, Torrance, CA

"Hi, I just had to write to you and tell you how pleased I am to find you. I’ve needed to replace my mic cables for quite some time, however, I didn’t have the financial resources from my church to assist me. Then I found you online. The price of your XLR male/female connectors for $1.25 each is far better than the going rate of $4.95 each. Then to get 300 feet of QUALITY mic cable for $49.00 is absolutely the best price I’ve ever spent. Guitar Center (Where I buy most of my gear) sells a 25’ mic cable for $41.00. At that rate, would cost $492.00. As you can see, I will stay with your company for a long time. Thanks for being here."
- David Linson, Sherman, TX

"Regarding your turn around time, etc. I think your company is exceptional. I had previously only ordered banana plugs from you. A week ago I shipped you three speakers for repair. They are already back to me, reinstalled in their boxes, and sounding as good as new. YOU ROCK!!!"
- Dr. Byron Hatcher, Atascadero, CA

"All the items are great! Your company is definitely a hero for audio-maniacs in all over the world. Please don't stop your business for your funs like me! Thank you very much! and I'll have next business with you soon for sure."
- Satoshi Bessho, Chicago, IL

"Thanks for the Re-Edge kit. My RSLs are back to normal. Good instructions."
- Dusty Stiles, Northridge, CA

"Hi. I bought your speaker repair kit for Bose 901's. I repaired a set of series IV 901's with your repair kit a few days ago. It took awhile, scraping all the loose and deteriorated foam from the speaker cones, but it was well worth the effort. Your online instructions were great and the repair went well and they look good and sound great! Nice investment. Thanks."
- Sam McCaslin, Pittsburgh, PA

"Hi, I ordered some surrounds of you recently and I just want to say thanks, speed and quality were both excellent."
- Brett Wat, Bairnsdale, Australia

"Thank you for your fine work on my speakers. You did it correctly and fast. I had them in time for our trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and EAA Air Venture.
- Bill Paul, Tucson, AZ

"This is Cristian, the Head Tech from Monarch of the Seas for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I just wanted to thank you for the work you did for me. The Apogee speakers look good and sound good too! We might need some parts in the future. I will let you know. Thank you!
- Cristian Satmare, Pembroke Park, FL

"Great job! Speakers arrived yesterday..... I reinstalled in cabinet!! and could not believe my ears!!! Sounded great! I appreciate your assistance and attention to detail!"
- Jimmy Paige, Abilene, TX

"Hey, you guys are the total bomb!! I brought in two 10 inch cerwin vegas to have re-edged and they were fixed in a week and I brought "my boys" home and hooked them back up and they sound awesome!! The only regret is i didn't do this sooner. Now I can listen to my blues the way they should be heard; LOUD AND CLEAR!! Thanks for everything; I'm tellin all my friends about you guys."
- Darren Hamada, La Mirda, CA

"Not to make a pest of myself but I received my order (very fast), loaded it on horn, quick check with my stereo & it works, GREAT! Thanks for everything. You'll be getting all of my repair business from here on & I will tell my friends & the store I teach guitar."
- Dale Foster, Farmington, NH

"Howdy: I recently received the refoamed woofers for my Advent Loudspeakers. I excitedly reinstalled the speakers, connected them to my system, and selected a number of favorite vinyl albums to play. I can't honestly state that the speakers sound now as they did when I first owned a pair of Advents in the early 70's ( I can't remember back that far!) but I sure have to tell you that I am truly impressed with the sound. Their were nuances of music I don't recall hearing recently that increased my pleasure greatly. I am very impressed with Orange County Speaker, not only for the speedy and excellent service I received but the friendliness of your communications. It was that friendliness that caused me to choose you from among a host of other refoaming services available. I guess I'm taking up a whole lot of space to just say thank you for a job well done and I shall certainly recommend your services to my friends.Sincerely,
- Russell A. Storey, Laurel, MT

"I acquired a pair of Bose 901 Series IV speakers a few years ago, with 75% of the foam surrounds deteriorated or just missing. I had planned on using Bose's exchange program, where you send in the bad speakers, and they send you new ones, but the price has now gotten to near $800 for that program, and I could not afford that. I recently purchased the lifetime sealed cloth surround replacement kit from your company, figuring I woud try anything, and if it did not work, then I would use the exchange prog. I received the surround kit last Monday in the mail. I read the instructions a few times, checked out the website, then Tuesday night attacked the 901's. I feared that getting the voice coils aligned properly would be very tedious. What I found, after carefully cleaning the old foam and as much of the glue as possible from each driver, was that the new surrounds virtually self aligned the voice coils. The result is a professional looking job. I hooked up the speakers on Friday, and was treated to the best sounding set of speakers I have ever owned, with no crackling whatsoever. I will now retire my Klipsch Heresy's into a bedroom and enjoy my surround soudn home theater system with the newly rejuvenated Bose 901's. Thank you for such a great product, and one that is easy to use.
- Rick Jacob, Pittsburgh, PA

"Hey guys, I love the GLS Audio SM58 & SM57 knock-offs! And haven't had any cable failures yet, so I tell all the starving musicians....."Orange County Speaker Repair, dude...."
- David Rauen, Vashion Island, WA

"My speakers sound great!! Thanks for helping me hang onto a couple of very old, but sentimental, floor speakers!
- Lora Cullipher, Monroe, LA

"I sent two 12" Cerwin Vega woofers to you for re-edging/rebuilding. I believe I dealt with Allen in the service department. Well, I just want to say that the speakers look awesome--brand new and better than I ever thought they would!! Thank you for great service and a very fast turn-around time. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Thanks again!
- Mitch Moisio, Cleveland Heights, OH

"After trying for months with Cerwin Vega to rebuild my 30 yr old 12-TR's I was about to give up, but by luck a local company gave me the name Orange County Speakers. That's when Eric Sunda took over and after a few weeks of E-Mails, he was able to send me exactly what I needed to get these speakers up and running, sounding better than ever. I can't express enough thanks to all involved. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You......"
- Curtis Hubner, Adairsville, GA

"Just got my Infinity 1001A woofer back from repair tonight. Thank you so much for bringing my old workhorses back to life. I am truly impressed with the quality of the workmanship. You've got a customer for life!"
- Mark Kouts, Pheonix, AZ

"I own a pair of BOSE 901 for more than 27 years. The edges were cut and as I came to LA, I bought you re-edge kit and install it myself! Result....? A MIRACLE !!! Frank Sinatra is at home .... again. Thanks a hundred times, hope it will last. THANKS!
- Philippe Guattari, Paris, France

"I had to tell you, I re-foamed my 901's with your foaming kit, they sound terrific, I was a little skeptic and thought that they would never sound like they did when they were new...BULL, they sound great! I am so happy, I never had the extra money to replace the 901's, I can't express how impressed I am. I wanted to pass this along to you, your co-workers and any potential customers. I am a music lover and used to DJ, I know good sound and your re-foam kit did the job! Please pass this along to everyone."
- Aram Noorigian, Glen Burnie, MD

"Thanks for quick delivery of refoam kit.Thanks also for the instructions with the kit.The drivers sounds as if they were new."
- Erik Flack, Sweden

"Hey Guys, First of all, I want to say "great job!" I have ordered from you three times and have received nothing but quality equipment, experienced the fastest shipping possible, and had excellent customer service. I am very impressed. More internet-based companies should follow your example."
- Josh Murphy, Pittsburgh, PA

"I used the GLS Audio mics and cables at a huge event I had this weekend and everyone commented on the clarity in the sound. The cables withstood some hellish abuse and they're still working! The ES57's lived up to the hype and the ES58 out performed my SM58's. I am extremely impressed with the products you guys are offering and I am already telling people to purchase your products and I personally plan on making another round of orders very very soon.l"
- Daniel Dismal, LA, CA

"Hello, I placed my first order with you back in June of 2004. I found your 20 pack of GLS Audio XLR connectors, and immediately ordered some. Yesterday I took delivery of my third order of these generic connectors. I've been impressed with the quality of your product so far." John Chapman"
- John Chapman, Salt Lake City, UT

"Just wanted to let you both know I received my Onkyo woofers yesterday and they turned out awesome....look and sound great! Thanks for the great work on my woofers!"
- J. Scott Cadigan, Biloxi, MS

"Thanks a lot, Orange County Speaker. I ordered the XL69 glue from you guys today. I'm really impressed with your customer service."
- Ron Howard, Sugarland, TX

"The diaphragm and shirt arrived today in excellent order, just in time for tonight's gig!
I'll be wearing the shirt when I'm gigging and touring to spread the word. Thanks for a great service.
- Trev Wilkins, Shropshire, United Kingdom

"I got the Ureis back from you guys and they look great I mean really great. Thanx!"
- Rob Guerra, Visalia, CA

"Hey, I just got the stuff I ordered from you last week. The mic cables are fantastic. I ordered one of the GLS mikes to since the discount offer with the order was offered....I was skeptical but man...I drum, so I don't use a handheld, but my guitar player does, and this thing blew my mind as how it held up against his 58. In fact, it sounds better with more low and bottom end and sounds better than any mic we have period except for my crown headset (condensor) ! We rehearse on wednesday and I have swapped his 58 with the GLS ES-58 (they look so similar) to see if he notices the difference... He's a bigtime "If it ain't Shure, it sucks" kinda guy. He freaked after he figured it out! He loved it! I am going to order some of the 57s and some more cables soon to mike my kit! Thanks so very much for offering quality products at an affordable price!"
- James Tunnell, McCalla, AL

"I just got my Infinity 425's back in the mail today and all I can say is WOW! I want to sincerely thank you for your professionalism and quality of conduct in every aspect of this service experience. From the prompt response to my emails, to the super turn-around time, and the quality of parts and labor it is clear that great care is taken on each speaker. My Infinitys sound better than I ever remember them sounding. The re-edging price is a steal, and the multi-point inspection is just another reason why I will be coming back to Orange county Speaker time and again for all my speaker service needs. I really cannot thank you enough!"
- Matt Austin, Hesperia, CA

"I thought I would try your GLS locking banana plugs so I ordered 10. Your response was fast and the shipping and packaging was very good. Now, the plugs....I use bananas a lot for my own stuff and for friends. I have tried many brands, from cheap to expensive. Your GLS Audio "locking" plugs are THE BEST I have found and at a price that is great! The actual weight of the plugs and the quality of the construction and the plating and finish are all first-rate. And they assemble easily and quickly and the strain relief feature is completely secure! Also, the locking feature is the best I have tried. Locking plugs are usually a pain in the butt and work only partially, but yours were easy to use and completely secure in use! Four stars! I will be ordering again!"
- Rick Dawson, Richardson, TX

"Hello Sharon, you know I have never had a chance to tell you how much I appreciate the way you and your family have treated me throughout all of these years, your sons are always so polite and helpful and your husband always so nice but especially you, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you for all of your help and for being great friends too. (I am sure I will see you in the near future as my engineers will surely blow somethiing up LOL)"
- Daniel Esparza, Anaheim, CA

"Thanks for your help yesterday, everything arrived today and is exactly what I needed. I modified my other crossovers to allow for the use of the new style fuse. I truly appreciate your great customer service."
- Bob Allen, Valencia, CA

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